IDBI Net Banking {Apply for IDBI Net Banking Step By Step Guide}*

IDBI Net Banking: IDBI stands for Industrial Development Bank of India, it is Indian Government Owned Financial Company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. IDBI Bank has more than 3350 ATMs and more than 1850 branches across the country. Besides this, IDBI has also an International Branch at Dubai. IDBI Net Banking provides a wide range of Internet Banking Services.

IDBI Net Banking


As per the report of the year 2015, the company has more than 16,500 employees, out of which 197 employees are with disabilities. The Bank was started way back in 1964 under the Parliament Act as a Subsidiary Bank of Reserve Bank of India. Later on, in 1976, the ownership of the bank was handed over to the government of India. Due to some Public issue in 1992, the Government decreased its shareholding from 100% to 75%.

Net Banking is useful in almost all the sectors. After Demonetisation, the use of Internet Banking has been significantly Increased. With the use of Net Banking, one can perform various activities just a few clicks away. A Person who does regular traveling, Net Banking will be very beneficial to that person. IDBI Net Banking Provides a wide range of services which will be useful to each and every customer. It provides services like Payment of Utility bills, Check account balance, track transaction history, Recharge mobile/DTH, etc.

IDBI Net Banking Services

IDBI Provides various effective Net Banking Services. Here we will provide you the list of some Net Banking Services widely used.

1. Using IDBI Net Banking, you can check your Account Balance anytime. You can also keep track of your transaction history.

2. You can purchase various Items Online from any E-Commerce Site using Net Banking.

3. You can pay Utility Bills like electricity bills, water bills, landline bills, etc using IDBI Net Banking.

4. Using IDBI Net Banking, you can Transfer Funds to any third party in just a few clicks.

5. You can simply Recharge your DTH or Prepaid and pay your Postpaid Bill.

6. You can request a new Cheque book online using IDBI Net Banking.

7. Using IDBI Net Banking, you can also open/renew your Fixed or Recurring Deposit Account.

8. You can Book Movie Tickets, Railway Tickets(IRCTC or any third party site), Bus Tickets and Flight Tickets using IDBI Net Banking.

9. You can also apply for IPO online using Net Banking.

10. You can also Open Demat Account online. You can also keep tracking of the transactions happening in the Demat Account and can also know the lists of Holding Statement in the Demat Account.

11. You can also Stop the Payment of Cheque online.

12. You can Pay your Taxes Online using IDBI Net Banking and can view the status of it anytime.

13. You can purchase IDBI Mutual Funds that are convenient to you using IDBI Net Banking. You can access a lot of services provided under IDBI Mutual Funds.

14. Also, IMPS(Immediate Payment Service) is available on IMDB Net Banking.

15. You can Hotlist your Credit/Debit Card using IDBI Net Banking.

16. You can also put a limit on the amount of usage via Net Banking.

17. You can also perform a transaction using the method NEFT in Net Banking.

18. You can also update the information on your Loan using IDBI Net banking.

How can I register for IDBI Net Banking?

Steps for Registration are as Follows:

1. Collect the Channel Form from any IDBI Branch or Download the Form from the IDBI Bank’s Website.

2. Fill the form accordingly and submit it to your Nearest IDBI Bank.

3. Later on, all the essential details will be verified and then you will have the access to set your Inet Banking Password online.

After successful registration, you can login into your IDBI Bank Account. For more information, watch this video:

To login into your IDBI Bank Account, Visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions about IDBI Net Banking

What are the essential features included in Mobile Banking(Browser Version)?

The Banking done with a mobile browser is similar to PC browser. You will be able to access all the features as on PC’s browser, in the same way, one important thing included here is 128-bit SSL security from VeriSign.

  • Features like accessing using https:// and IDS(Intrusion Detection System), etc is added to provide secure transactions.
  • Also, one important feature is dynamic SMS based OTP, which is enabled to provide more secure browsing experience.

How the Dynamic SMS Based OTP works?

It is compulsory for every user to generate 5-Digit OTP to perform any Transfer of Funds or register for any new funds online. The Transaction Password is now replaced with the dynamic SMS based OTP. The OTP you receive will be valid for the next 30 mins only.

Can I use Internet Banking Password in the Mobile Banking as well?

No, for mobile banking you will be given a different password. However, there is no restriction on keeping both the passwords same. But it’s strongly suggested to keep both the passwords different.

Is there any Daily Transaction Limit in Mobile Banking services?

Yes, there is a limit of Rs 25,000 per day to perform various type of transactions under the Browser Version.

How can I register for mobile banking?

Follow the simple steps given below to register for mobile banking:

  1. To register for mobile banking, download the registration form from its website and then fill the form and submit it to the nearest IDBI bank branch.
  2. After successful registration, you will receive the mobile banking¬† Activation SMS on your registered mobile number. Later on, you have to visit the bank’s website, and click on “Set Password Online” link in order to create a password and then set Channel/ transaction rights.
  3. Now visit on your mobile and access various mobile banking services.

What is the mobile banking capability to avail this service?

The basic requirement includes that the user should possess a GPRS enabled device(with either 2G/3G or 4G data). Also, the primary models with built-in browser support can access this service.

What is the daily transaction limit for mobile banking?

The daily transaction limit is Rs 25,000 per day which is relevant for all the types of mobile transactions in all the mobile versions.

What are the essential things that should be taken care of while doing Mobile Banking?

Some of the things one should perform to securely make transactions through Mobile Banking(Browser Version).


  • Always check whether the URL entered is correct or not. Url should be “”.
  • Log out immediately after the transaction is completed.
  • Frequently change the password of mobile banking.
  • Clear Browsing Data and Cache frequently.


  • ¬†Never save the password in the Browser of your mobile.
  • Don’t ever enter your User Id and Password on any third party website other than “”.
  • Never connect your device to any unsecured WIFI-Connection.
  • Do not ever click on the back button in the mobile to perform navigation, instead use internal links.

There are some applications available online of IDBI Bank. Here we will provide you the applications used widely.

IDBI Bank Go Mobile

This app is available on both the platforms, Android, and iOS. Using this app, you can perform various activities like checking balance, transferring money, pay utility bills, recharge your prepaid mobile or DTH, Transfer Funds, Stop Payment via Cheque, etc.

Apart from this, IDBI uses most secure technology. In this encrypted technology, all your login details are transferred to banks channel in a secure manner. Also, MPIN created by the user is not sent to air and neither saved on the device, to provide better security to users. Any of the account related details are stored on the device making the technology more secure and safe.